What kind of Homeopathy do you practice?

Health Options, Inc. uses complex homeopathy, meaning we use multiple remedies at multiple potencies. We can and do use classical remedies, meaning one remedy at one potency as needed. Since Homeopathy is a personalized approach, we keep all avenues of wellness open.

Do you use computer equipment to do your evaluations?

Yes. Modern homeopathic practice includes using biofeedback software to measure stress responses. The test is painless and safe for everyone from newborn to old age.

Can your equipment diagnose disease?

No. In the US only a licensed MD can diagnose or treat disease. In Europe doctors do use similar equipment to diagnose illness.

Is it safe for me to take homeopathic remedies and my prescription medication from my doctor?

Yes. The remedies do not interfere with prescription medications. Many clients find that as they take homeopathic remedies and make life style adjustments to reduce stress, improve sleep and nutrition, their need for prescription medication decreases.

How long does an evaluation take?

A new client appointment can take up to two hours. Repeat appointments usually last 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your current circumstances.

Do homeopathic remedies taste bad?

Most clients (including small children) do not find them objectionable. They can be diluted in a small amount of water if needed.

How much does an appointment and remedies cost?

Please go to the Consultation page for all details about fees and remedy cost.