Schedule a Consultation

To schedule an appointment, you can call at 319-400-9554, or send a message on the contact page.

Remedy Costs

Homeopathic remedies are amazingly affordable. You can find many wonderful remedies in your local health food store for under $10.00. I carry professional grade remedies in my office that cost between $13.00-15.00 per remedy for a one month supply. Smokin’ deal, I say. My supplier can be found on the products and partners page.

Homeopathy is a personalized form of medicine. Each homeopathic remedy is geared to your physical symptoms, emotional temperament and likes and dislikes. For example, in one well-known homeopathic text under the category of Headaches, is over 42 different remedies to use. Each remedy is considered based on matching your needs/symptoms to the attributes of a specific remedy.

A new client in-office appointment on average will take two hours. Follow up appointments take an hour.

Client Fees

$70.00 for one person. If I am working with more than one person in the same family, I offer a family discount of $55.00 per person. I recognize most US insurance companies do not cover homeopathic appointments so I strive to keep costs affordable.

Phone Consultations

I will work with people via phone who are not able to visit me at my office. Call 319-400-9554 for details on long distance appointments.